Sole #26

Sole #26
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The latest issue of Sole Collector is probably one of the top five issues of all time. What makes it so special? A few things. First off the cover you are looking at is one of the best covers we have done to date. Easily in the top 5. But a cover is a cover - what is inside? This issue has 68 pages of Kobe IV content from the designers of the Zoom Kobe IV to designers of past Kobe kicks (yes, including an interview with Tinker Hatfield, who was the OG Huarache designer). But the content doesn’t stop there…. one of the most unique features we have ever put together is in this issue and it is called the Industry Insider. We interviewed 16 people in the industry who have amazing jobs and followed them through their childhood to what they are doing today. One guy that I have known for years told us a GREAT story - he started off in the mailroom at Reebok and moved all the way up to a position that allowed him to sign Iverson / Jay-Z / 50 and many others. And you might be surprised at what paths you can take to become a designer… it probably isn’t what you imagined. Bottom line - these interviews show you a clear path to getting a job in the sneaker industry - and there is a common thread throughout… Lastly, we have an Under Armour feature looking at their first steps into the runner category of the sneaker industry. It is real interesting to see how they are doing it, and there’s surely a lot of great info on a start-up sneaker company.

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